Liquid Fasting

I had heard about various types of liquid fasting, but had never tried one. The Master Cleanse with only cayenne pepper and maple syrup for days at a time was definitely not for me. So, a few weeks ago I tried a one-day juice fast for the first time. I did it on a Saturday and tried to keep my activity to a minimum so I didn’t overexert myself from lack of food.

I used Jamba  Juice to supply the juice, since their juice is so fresh. I got a large orange-carrot juice in the morning and drank it every 2 hours, which pretty much covered breakfast and lunch, since it was a whopping 32 ounces. For the afternoon, I got their red veggie/fruit drink, and drank that in stages for the next few hours. For dinner, I cheated a tad and had lentil soup just to get some protein. By using different colored juices, with so many fruits and veggies, and then having the soup for dinner, I felt like I got as much nutrients as possible during my one-day fast. These particular juices from Jamba Juice do not have any dairy or any other add-ins, so they’re perfect for fasting.

I didn’t feel that different the next day, but over the following week, I definitely felt like I had more energy. So, I decided to do another liquid fast the following weekend. This time, I tried hot liquids instead of juice, for a change. I had tea for breakfast, miso soup for lunch, more tea and soup in the afternoon, and some lentil soup again for dinner. This liquid fast worked much better for me, as I felt like it was easier on my body to digest warm liquids, rather than cold.

The following week I felt amazing.  Liquid fasts are so beneficial for your digestive system, to give it a break from solid foods for at least one day. Some people do it for weeks.  And, when you start eating food after the fast, you definitely appreciate it. I found I was eating smaller portions the next few days – and really noticing when I felt full.

Since I’m feeling so much more energetic after doing these fasts, I’m going to try to do a liquid fast at least once a month. Let me know if it works for you.

— D.N.


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