Know your food and CA ballot initiative

Just participated in the I Will Know My Food Campaign, sponsored by Stonyfield, which makes luscious yogurt, among other products. I encourage others to participate, who are interested in knowing what’s in their food and making food choices that protect their health, family, farmers, animals and the planet. It’s fun and easy.  And, with every new Food Superhero Profile created, Stonyfield will donate $1 to FoodCorps ( Continue reading


Liquid Fasting

I had heard about various types of liquid fasting, but had never tried one. The Master Cleanse with only cayenne pepper and maple syrup for days at a time was definitely not for me. So, a few weeks ago I tried a one-day juice fast for the first time. I did it on a Saturday and tried to keep my activity to a minimum so I didn’t overexert myself from lack of food. Continue reading

Girl Scout cookies and trans fats

I had an interesting exchange with the mom of a Girl Scout recently. It was outside a shopping center, where the Girl Scouts were doing their perennial cookie sales. I had noticed a few years ago that Girl Scout cookies had trans fats in them, in the form of partially hydrogenated oils, which was pretty shocking to me.

I was curious to see if the trans fats were still there, or had been eliminated, like in so many other products, since the evils of trans fats are pretty legion these days. Continue reading


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