Melinda’s Maca Balls

Found these delicious little gems at Nekter in Dana Point last year, and have been devouring them ever since. They’re mainly made of raw chocolate from Ecuador and maca, a superfood, from Peru. They’re organic, raw, gluten-free and vegan for those that live completely in these realms. I love them because they’re organic, and a great way to get chocolate and a little buzz, without any caffeine or too much sugar.

Here’s some info from the cacao-maca synergy page of Melinda’s website:

Maca grows 14,000 feet up in the Peruvian Andes and is an endocrine adaptogen, which nourishes the entire endocrine system strengthening the adrenals, supporting hormonal balance by nourishing the pituitary, as well as increasing stamina and vitality. An adaptogen means that it strengthens the body nutritionally so it has the ability to adapt to stress on a physical, emotional and mental level, without depleting your reserves.

While the maca balls are mostly available at stores throughout Southern California, Melinda is currently building a facility to create these tasty treats on a much larger scale so they’ll be available in places like Whole Foods and eventually be able to be shipped directly to customers around the country.

For more info:


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