Red Meat

The reasons not to eat red meat are legion. I will try to summarize the main points here.

First off, in the U.S. cows are injected with growth hormones and antibiotics. Also, cows are not fed what they should be – grass. They are fed animal feed and the like. So, every time you eat red meat, you are eating everything cows have been injected with and fed, but weren’t able to digest properly. Continue reading


Green Goddess smoothie

The Green Goddess Smoothie:

8 oz. organic almond milk
1/2 cup frozen or nonfat organic vanilla yogurt
1 tbsp almond/peanut butter (optional)
1 tsp spirulina
1-2 organic kiwis
1 scoop of protein powder

Put in blender until smooth.

This smoothie is tasty and chock-full of protein and antioxidants.

Repeat to yourself: “I am a Goddess!” and enjoy:)